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Who We Are

Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness provides accurate drug and alcohol testing services for employers, schools, and worried parents. Our science separates us from our competitors. We utilize the newest, up to date testing methods. We specialize in cutting edge ways of detecting drugs and alcohol with tests that are far superior to standard forms of drug screening. All collectors are certified and meet 49 CFR Part 40 requirements. All specimens are tested by a SAMHSA certified laboratory. We offer 24-hour emergency services for post-accident testing as well as reasonable suspicion testing. All alcohol breath tests are preformed by a certified BAT using evidentiary breath alcohol testing (EBT) that meets DOT requirements. We offer random collection testing tailored for the needs of our clients. Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness has been providing excellent services for over 15 years.


Blood Testing


DNA Testing

DNA testing is called into play in a number of situations. Typically, we associate DNA testing with a crime. This is true. DNA Testing is a useful tool when trying to determine someone’s guilt or innocence in certain criminal situations. However, DNA testing has a much larger usage reach. Quality Drug Testing specializes in DNA testing for the purposes of paternity testing, immigration testing, ancestry DNA testing, child support and child custody issues, estate matters, life insurance, and pre-birth paternity testing.  Our office is accurate, quick, and discreet. Best of all, our prices are competitive. Call us today for a free consultation. Our collection method is simple. We utilize an oral swab.



kids using drugs


School & Student Drug Testing

Drugs & alcohol are everywhere. It is a reality. Middle school and high school students experiment with drugs and alcohol as a way to fit in, or to deal with pressure. As a school administrator or worried parent, you need to take every step possible to protect youths from the dangers of drug & alcohol abuse. Quality Drug Testing specializes in drug & alcohol testing for schools, youths, and student programs. Our office and staff understand that testing children for the use and/or abuse of drugs is a very sensitive subject. The goal is to make this a quick and private procedure. Our results are accurate and quick. Best of all, our office is secure and discreet. Protecting your privacy, as well as the privacy of your children, is our foremost concern.


Background Checks 

As an employer, you need to know everything about your employees. Who you hire says a lot about who you are, as a company and as an owner. Before you hire an employee or send a worker into the field bearing your company logo and company name, and have that representative associate with customers within the community, trust Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness to provide you with an extensive background check report.


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Hearing Testing

Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness also offers multiple forms of hearing tests for employers and schools. Hearing tests provide a baseline for employers, especially for those who work in the coal mines and manual labor types of industries. As an employer, you want to do whatever you can to protect your employees, but you also need to protect your company. Receiving accurate test results during the pre-employment stage will provide you and your firm with a baseline of a potential employee. This can protect you down the road in the event an employee makes a claim for a work-related injury. Our employees are certified Occupational Hearing and Conservation (COHC) professionals.