Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

As an employer you put yourself and your company at potential risk whenever you hire a new employee. Establishing whether an employee has a criminal record is a crucial step in assessing the risk of bringing that person into your organization. While not every crime would automatically prevent an applicant from being hired, having that knowledge allows you to make an educated decision. You can use the results of a criminal background check to then assess the applicability of the record to the position’s level of responsibility, exposure to assets or customers, and other criteria. In addition to creating a safer and more secure environment, criminal record checks can also produce other important benefits, such as:

  • Identifying potentially risky hires
  • Helping safeguard your organization’s reputation
  • Protecting organizational assets
  • Fostering trust among current employees




What Types of Background Checks Do We Offer? 

Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness offers multiple forms of employment and criminal background checks such as county criminal record searches, federal civil record searches, federal criminal record searches, prohibited parties check, sex offender registry searches, statewide criminal searches, and widescreen plus searches.

Extended Workforce Screening 

If you’re like many modern employers, the very makeup of your workforce is changing. You may be looking to supplement your regular workforce with temporary and contract workers, vendors, consultants, interns, and sometimes volunteers to help keep your organization moving forward.

Given this tidal shift in the very nature of employment, it’s critically important that you don’t create unnecessary gaps in your screening programs.

The 2017 HireRight Employment Background Screening Benchmarking Report found that 41 percent of organizations don’t background screen contingent workers, even though these individuals often have direct access to facilities, staff, and company information.

HireRight specifically designed our Extended Workforce Screening (EWS) solution to address this very issue.

Via our EWS solution, you can:

  • Mitigate unnecessary risks associated with your contingent workers
  • Realize greater consistency across your entire screening program
  • Help ensure vendor compliance to your specific screening standards
  • Consolidate program management to a single solution
  • Simplify implementation and expansion of EWS programs
  • Gain visibility into your entire EWS program