DNA Testing

Drug Screening

DNA Testing Through Science 

DNA Testing provides pin point accurate results. Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness offers DNA testing for the following areas:

  • Child support and child custody
  • Infidelity confirmation
  • Ethnicity
  • Inheritance issues
  • Estate matters
  • Life insurance
  • Sibling identity
  • Birth certificates
  • Pre-birth paternity testing
  • And more

DNA Testing for Child Support and Custody Issues

If you or a loved one is questioning paternity or fighting for custody, a DNA test can go a long way to supporting your case. Quality Drug Testing provides accurate and discreet testing. We specialize in a DNA testing technique known as a buccal swab test. It is quick and painless. We also offer blood DNA testing, which is useful for pre-birth paternity testing.

Affordable DNA Testing

DNA testing can be expensive. Quality Drug Testing prides itself on being the most effective and cost-efficient DNA testing. Call us today for questions in regards to pricing.

Are DNA Tests Admissible in Court? 

Quality Drug Testing takes extra care to ensure that our DNA tests are accurate. Court admissible paternity testing is used in many states. It is always recommended to seek the guidance of legal counsel prior to assuming that our DNA test results will be allowed for your specific case. However, as a bulk rule of thumb, DNA test results are admissible in a court of law. There are specific “chain of custody” rules and requirements that MUST be followed. Quality Drug Testing and Workplace Wellness expressly adheres to these standards:

  • Photo IDs of participants aged 18 and older
  • Photos of everyone involved
  • Consent from adults & legal guardians for minors
  • Specimen collection (buccal swab/cheek swab)
  • Legal labeling and packaging
  • Specimens shipped to testing laboratories directly through approved route
  • Proper shipping, storage and results communication to, and from, the lab
  • Paperwork and documents with DNA test results properly documented
  • DNA specimens processed by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) certified laboratory